Domestic Fire Alarm Systems

Private Dwellings
Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO)
Landlord Compliancy

 Smoke Detectors - Heat Detectors - Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Wireless Systems linked to a smart phone

From routine servicing, a single replacement detector, an upgrade of an existing system, or a new install linked to your smart phone, SES Fire can meet your requirements.
SES Fire only uses approved fire alarm products and is a recommended installer for AICO which is the market leader in domestic fire alarm products. 

The UK Government currently recommends that all fire alarm systems installed should follow the relevant British Standard BS 5839. Guidance given in the BS 5839 code of practice is suggested as the minimum standard to follow for Private dwellings, Landlords rental properties, HMO’s.
Fire alarms, also known as smoke alarms, are devices which detect fire, smoke and heat and then sound an alarm as a warning. They can be fitted to either the ceiling or a wall and give you extra time to escape.
Without a fire alarm fitted in your home, you might not know a fire has broken out, which puts your life at greater risk.

Within BS 5839-6, detailed guidance is given regarding the best locations to install fire alarms within the home, along with dedicated grades and categories for certain types of dwellings.
Typically, you will be required to position a fire alarm in circulation areas between bedrooms and also where a fire is most likely to break out, such as kitchens and living rooms.
There should a smoke alarm fitted on every storey of the dwelling and within 7.5m of doors to every habitable room.

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